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Our flake sea salt + infused sea salt blends are carefully made in small batches from local waters. We collect local sea water and filter it twice to one micron during the process to remove any particulates. We reduce the sea water to the perfect salinity for the beautiful floating salt pyramids to form. The salt is then set to cure and dry as we blend it with organic ingredients.

Our goal is to provide a local sea salt that is sustainable, natural and made with the best locally sourced organic ingredients.

Farmersalt natural sea salt flakes, slider tin


In a pinch? Pass the farmersalt! Our farmersalt natural sea salt flakes in a slide tin is perfect for camping, your purse, or your pocket.

$18 / 60ml
$6 / 12ml
Natural Salt Flakes, sage, rosemary, blend,Farmersalt, vancouver, salt, finishing


farmersalt sage + rosemary blend is made with organic rosemary + rubbed sage. Great on vegetables, protein or your fresh baked bread.

$18 / 60ml
Natural Salt Flakes, lemon, zest, blend, Farmersalt, vancouver, salt, finishing

Lemon Zest

farmersalt lemon zest is made with organic lemons from California. Fragrant and zesty, and a nice zip to your dishes.

$18 / 60ml
Natural Salt Flakes, espresso, garlic, spices, blend, Farmersalt, vancouver, salt, finishing


farmersalt espresso, garlic + spices has been known to shine on your BBQ dishes, along with taking your caesar salad to the next level.

$18 / 60ml
Natural Salt Flakes, espresso, garlic, spices, blend, Farmersalt, vancouver, salt, finishing


farmersalt bc garlic is made with freeze dried garlic from BC Garlic in Abbotsford. Your mashed potatoes will never taste the same.

$18 / 60ml
Natural Salt Flakes, westcoast, kelp, seaweed, Farmersalt, vancouver, salt, finishing

westcoast kelp

farmersalt westcoast kelp is an blend with bull + winged kelp wild crafted by Dakini Tidal Wilds on Vancouver Island. A winner in soups to smoothies, the essential minerals in kelp have proven health benefits.

$18 / 60ml
raw local bc honey, farmersaltco

Local BC Raw Honey

farmersaltco hive locations: Squamish Valley / East Vancouver / Nicomekl River. Limited Seasonal extraction. Pre orders recommended

$18 / 266ml
Morel mushrooms dried

dried BC fire morels

Local morel mushrooms carefully foraged by farmersaltco. + dried to preserve their rich earthy flavour. Thoroughly sauté rehydrated morels with butter, pepper and farmersalt.

$15 / 15g
Farmersalt natural sea salt flakes, slider tin 3 pack


Our farmersalt natural sea salt flakes in a slide tin 3-pack is perfect for gift giving.

$15 / 12ml x 3


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Wholesale pricing is available for any order of 12 jars or more. Contact us to inquire.

ETA based on batch availability.

Delivery available in the Greater Vancouver area only.

Custom blends + labeling available upon request.